Christmas jewelry

Christmas berries bracelet

I forgot to share these Christmas earrings and berry bracelet in my former posts. I really wanted to share them with you to show you what you can do with those pretty 2-hole baroque cabochon rose beads you can see in the berry bracelet. They are so cool! And how pretty are those Chrismas earrings?! You can find the patterns at by Deb Roberti. I’m still not finished with bead weaving for Christmas. One more big batch of bracelets to come! I’ll back soon with those.

In the meantime, we’ll be in the storm, as far as I can see. Hopefully the world will be relieved soon. Pray! Stay well and remember, God has the whole world in his hands!

Handmade bracelet with 2-hole cabochon beads
Christmas earrings with bicones and pearls
Handmade bracelets for Christmas
Christmas jewelry
Handmade Christmas earrings with bicone beads
Christmas bracelets and earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Christmas earrings
Jewels for Christmas
Bead weaving jewelry for Christmas
Handmade bracelet with 2-hole baroque cabochon beads
Czech bead weaving bracelets
Bracelets with superduo and gemduo beads
2-hole baroque beads in a Christmas bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Christmas bracelet
Kerst armbanden met gemduo, miracle kralen en baroque cabochon kralen
Kerst armband met parels en cabochon kralen
Kerst sieraden by Ingeborg

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