Burning bridges

Hi there!

Four burning bridges!
I mean bridges for over troubled pulses on fire!
When you’re feeling down, in cool water, put these on and you’ll warm up immediately!
I’m into fire these past days, hence, i’m alive, haha.
I really need to burn baby burn some beads here, so here’s another batch of bracelets with hot beads.
It’s not a full disco inferno, but it comes close don’t you think😍😎

Burning bridges 149

End of the world 149

Go woke go broke 149

I am the gate breaker 149

An arrogant liar 149

Warrior of God 149

Only one way 149

No turning back 149

Chosen to fight 149

Nature fury 149

A defining moment 149

Organic portal 149

The burning coal 149

Fighting for peace 149

New bloodlines 149

The angel of light 149

Matrix movie 149

Firestone road 149

I am the lioness 149

Satan has lost 149

Spring freedom 149

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