Bracelets impact

Handmade beadweaving bracelets in purple and green

Hello there!

What a great day this is for sharing some happy beading again.
I hope these shiny purple with green beaded bracelets find you well today!

I had such great fun creating these, especially the one that is the widest. That is such a great pattern to play with! I love superduo beads. They are so versatile to play with and purples are my most favorite colours for them. The smallest one has purple blue 2-hole rose cabochons beads or candy beads which I combined with tiny little miracle beads. I hope you find some inspiration for today. Beads are always a feast for the eye! I’m off to my creativity table to create some more! Enjoy today!!!

Blessings & love

Bracelets impact 147

Message from God – 147
The Game is over – 147
The Trump card – 147
The devils kids – 147
Straight path – 147
God is gracious – 147
Living the dream – 147
Angels and demons – 147
Trust in God – 147
I am coming soon – 147
The Shining one – 147
I love to laugh – 147
Entering heaven – 147
Genetic deletion – 147
Gods warrior – 147
Angel of Justice – 147

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