Details of handmade bracelets with paisley, Zoliduo and 2-hole cabochon beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hello there,

I’m sharing some blues today. Blue is a cool colour and since it’s cold outside I thought it was a perfect match for this beautiful Saturday. I’m NOT having the blues, I mean, I do have the blues, which are these blue green bracelets I created, 😂😂😂 (you can find some of the patterns I used here). Plus I have blue eyes of course, hehe. Where is the humor these days, people! Humor is your best weapon during war or during hard times! My husband and I are often discussing that. My husband loves to joke around, just like me, but too often, when he’s making a joke in the bakery or somewhere else, people simply don’t get it, or are totally lost and/or acting so serious. He was in the supermarket this week and some Chinese man asked him: “Coffee”? And my husband immediately replied with humor answering “yes, please, with milk and sugar” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍 The man got angry and started waving and making arm gestures like he was going to kung fu him right then and there, obviously very irritated saying “no no no, WHERE IS THE COFFEE STANDING”. My husband, kind as he is, showed him where it was, but oh oh, no smiles at all from the Chinese side! Such a missed opportunity to relax some muscles! Anyway, keep on smiling people! The best is yet to come! When you believe it you’ll receive it! I hope you like my latest load of blue green beadwoven bracelets. Tons more to come!

Remember, stay cool during the storms and pray when you’re having the blues or if you’re unable to bear the colds. God will warm your heart instantly!

Turquoise black AB bracelet with paisley and firepolish beads
Blue green AB paisley bracelet by Ingeborg
Handmade blue green beadweaving bracelets with superduo, firepolish and paisley beads
Green blue superduo bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Set of bracelet and earrings with turquoise blue paisley beads
blue green bracelets with Miyuki seed beads
2-hole cabochon beads bracelet
Details of turquoise blue bracelets with Paisley and firepolish beads
Green blue bracelet with rose 2-hole beads
Handmade green blue bracelet with firepolish, superduo and Zoliduo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of blue bracelet with 2-hole baroque cabochon rose beads
Blue green bracelet with Zoliduo beads and superduo
blue green beadweaving bracelet with silver clasp
Details of beadweaving bracelet with superduo and 2-hole cabochon beads
Handmade blue green beadweaving earring with paisley beads

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