Berry go round

Christmas bracelet with gemduo and red berry miracle beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Good Sunday!

And again…… time flies so fast! I just can’t keep up with it anymore. Last week I decided to take out all the batteries of the clocks in my home. I couldn’t stand the ticking of time anymore! What a difference. But now i’m totally lost in time and space, hahaha. Before you know it, there’s a new year! So quick quick….. sharing some Christmas crafts and jewelry before it’s too late! Today i’d like to share these three Christmas berry bracelets I made. Two bracelet are created with gemduo beads in two different colors of green. One is matted green and the other one a bit more shiny. I like the shiny one the best, of course, ahum. And the other one is created with pretty magic green 2-hole cabochon beads of 6mm, red miracle beads, superduo’s and firepolish beads. The patterns I used came from Deb Roberti from Aren’t they pretty?! I hope you enjoy this jewelry inspiration for today. Stay well!

Christmas bracelet with cabochon beads and miracle berry beads
Christmas bracelet with miracle beads and superduo
Beadweaving Christmas bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Miracle berries bracelet by Ingeborg
Kerstarmband met gemduo en miracle kralen door Ingeborg van Zuiden
Kerst armband met miracle kralen en gemduo
Berry go round Christmas bracelet with gemduo beads
berry bracelet with superduo, firepolish and cabochon beads
Mandala Christmas bracelet by Ingeborg
Gemduo Christmas bracelet with miracle beads
Gemduo Christmas bracelet
Gemduo mandala
Christmas bracelet
Miracle bead bracelet
Christmas jewelry
Bracelet for Christmas
Gold red and green beaded Christmas jewelry
Berry bracelet with gold

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