Believe in pink

Pink gold brooch with charms and beaded dangles by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hello there!

I am still into pink! This is the last post in the series of pink bracelets and such that I wanted to share with you and is about this religious pink gold brooch. Ha ha, I really tried to get things in a row this time on this gold toned brooch pin, as you can see lol. I couldn’t stop adding more and more dangles and ribbons and charms. I must say…. I love the outcome of it! In my world it always seems like ‘the more the better’ instead of ‘less is more’. I just can’t help myself. Almost anything I do has a label of ‘big’ or ‘a lot’ or ‘huge’ or ‘over the top’. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but what the heck….. I just follow my heart. I want to create in abundance and as much as I can. Creating is my life. I just can’t stop. It keeps me above the soil and alive and is my therapy when i’m in pain. I don’t talk often about my illnesses as I don’t like to complain about it and not the whole world needs to know my ins and outs, but I’d like to tell you a little bit about those pains. I have some serious illnesses like Dercum’s disease, chronic Lyme and lipo- lymphedema. As a result i’m very much overweight, which I can’t get rid of but through surgery. Plus i’m half blind. I got help too late and/or some doctors made mistakes, and then damage got done. Anyway…. long story short, I am hardly able to stand on my legs anymore and am always in pain. I get inflammations everywhere like a raging fire. Then it’s in my knee, then it’s in a foot, then it’s in the shoulder, then it’s in the eye. I keep struggling and struggling. Also some other issues on top or relating to the main diseases. So….. that’s why creating behind a desk in my fairy beautiful world is so important to me. It gives me the feeling i’m still alive and I can leave some beauty behind. Now…. with all things that are happening right now, I do have good hope that there will be a cure in the future. For now, here in the Netherlands, medical care is terrible and i’ll have to await till this storm is over and we are transitioned into a better planet. Like president Trump says that we are going to ‘transition to greatness’! I just keep on fighting and believing in a cure. Therefor a religious brooch like this will remind me to belief and pray as often as I can. I just know God has a plan for me! I hope you feel inspired and that this little message finds you well today! Stay safe!


Pink gold brooch details of charms and beads
Pink dangles with ribbons
Handmade pink ribbon brooch with religious charms
Details of pink beads
Pink beads
Pink gold brooch with golden charms and bling
Details of pink beads and bling
Pink bling
Pink ribbons and fibers
Close-up of beaded brooch with charms
Set of bracelets and brooch in pinks and gold
Details of pink beads
Beads ribbons and charms
Beautiful holografic dangle and dragonfly charm
Pink bling
Details of pink beaded brooch
Pink beads
Set of pink jewelry
Pink bling bling
Pink bracelets and charms
Roze kralen
Roze kralen en gouden bedels
Details van een goud roze broche met bedels en kralen
Gold charms and beads
Details of pink and gold beads

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