Believe in angels

Handmade golden bookmark with angel and religious charms
Angel bookmark with golden charms

Angels exist! Simply because they were created by God. Angels bring you a message from time to time, when you want to see it. Sometimes through those funny little ‘co√Įncidences’ or sometimes through a person bringing you a message or warning you to not go that way or do it some other time. I love the angels. I believe in angels. I love to create these little beaded angels and have them dangling on a bookmark or keychain for bringing good luck. Of course I use ‘miracle’ beads to enhance the total spirit of the bookmark ūüėÄ.

So…. this is a bookmark to keep you constantly reminded of the most important things in life:

& Hope

When you lose that, you are miserable. So never give up, believe in angels, do your best, reflect on occurring problems, and why they might rise, love one another, communicate, forgive and pass on hope to others. It’s important to look out for each other and care for each other. Unfortunately we are in the middle of a huge ‘selfie’ wave, and a lot of people are distracted by the devilish artificial intelligence. Life is not about seen, and be seen. It’s about sharing, caring and loving all that is alive: you and everyone and everything else. Do you really care for every life? Or only when people act like you want them to? Life is about being honest, even when it’s difficult to be honest. Life hates lies. Nothing grows with lies. Lies destruct. They come from the devil. Cast them out! Come clean with them, acknowledge them and clean your life. You will be surprised about the magical things that will occur after you did so! I am not perfect either. Often I even am inspired by my own writings as if i’m writing to myself, or bring a message to myself! It’s very important to always being able to look at yourself in the mirror in the evening and that you can say…… ‘yes, there’s nothing I would regret when I would leave earth now’. ‘I’ve done my outer best, and there’s nothing more that I can do to make it better’.

God loves you, no matter what, but that doesn’t mean he’ll tolerate lies. Though you can always come to Him in prayer and ask for forgiveness or guidance to do things better. Set your intentions straight first and then ask and you’ll be forgiven! It’s as simple as that.
Sometimes angels come to show you that.
May God bless you!

Handmade bookmark with beaded angel and charms


Beaded angel with miracle beads
Gold metal angel bookmark with charms by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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