Angel for a book

Handmade beaded bookmark with angel and prayer charms by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hello there!

I am awaiting the storm. It’s going to be a tough time the upcoming months. A lot of very disturbing truth will come out in the open. The world will be a different place after that. Please pray every day for peace, for the children, for all the people who are sick, who are alone and who need help in some way or another. Please pray for evil to be wiped off this planet. And remember….. when it gets tough….. hold on. God will come to rescue! God always wins. Simply try to hold on, pray and breathe! That’s all you need to do when things get tough. Stay safe!

This is my beaded prayer angel to put into a book.

Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!



Rosa Leonardo Da Vinci Red

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