A purple round

Handmade memory wire bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hello there!

Beads in the round today! Here is one of my latest memory wire bracelets. This one is in magenta pink, gold and purple with matching earrings with tassels, to make it a set. Again this is a prayer bracelet with an anchor charm. I love to give this religious touch to my bracelets now and then. When wearing it you are easily reminded to say a prayer ‘in between’, when you’re viewing your bracelet in a boring moment. This one has 4 to 5 layers filled with all kinds of beads, and with a lot of gold colored spacers added.

I leave you with these detailed pictures then. I hope you feel inspired! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy and don’t forget to pray for peace!!!



Set of memory wire bracelet and earrings with tassels
Details of beads on memorywire bracelet
Anchor charm and tassels
Set of pink purple memory wire bracelet and earrings with tassels by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of tassels and pearls
Faith bracelet
Purple pink magenta earrings with tassels by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pretty purple flower bead
Gold pink earrings with rainbow faceted beads and purple magenta tassels by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Purple magenta pink beads - Paarse kralen
Memorywire armband met paars magenta kralen
Details van parelmoer kraal en parels
Lots of gold spacers in between purple and magenta beads

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