A pile of bling

Pink bracelets by Ingeborg

Hi there!

And….. another batch of jewelry is being delivered. I keep on beading it huh?! I just can’t stop beading anymore! It’s definitely one of my biggest passions! I’m never bored, that’s for sure. And my husband is so happy with me…………….. especially when a whole box of beads crashes onto the floor lol. He is always coming to help me pick them up. No, he never would complain about that. He’s the sweetest man on earth! Yesterday that happened once again. Thousands of beads all over the place, grrrr………… I couldn’t even stand up anymore or it would have looked like a scene from the movie Home Alone, hahaha. So the bead ambulance was called and arrived quickly to shovel them all up. Anyway, here are a couple of bling bling items like these three bracelets in pink, a pair of beaded earrings with bicone beads and a simple but pretty ring with iridescent shine. I hope this little post finds you well today! Stay well and safe!

Set of pink elastic bracelets
Pink gold bracelet
Pink bracelet with gold findings
Pink elastic prayer bracelet
Pink pearl bracelet
Pink gold nugget bracelet with charms
Shiny ring on my hand
Pink bicone earrings
Pink beaded earrings with bicone beads
Pink gold earrings with bicones
Shiny ring
Iridescent ring

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