Throwback Christmas

Christmas tree

Hi there!

A golden angel

A throwback Christmas in the house. I found these pictures of years ago when we lived in Twente, the Netherlands. We had such a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere, but it wasn’t sustainable anymore, and we had to move due to that. The house was in a bad shape, the landlord didn’t do proper maintenance and everyday was a struggle. Nevertheless, the nature surrounding it was fantastic and all good memories stay after all. Therefor, I sometimes miss my old home sweet home in the country. The freedom, the views, the magical sunrises, the birds and all other beautiful animals that came to visit our land. It was an experience i’ll never forget. My dear husband got a heart attack on our way out. We literally stood with our car loaded with boxes and stuff at the front of the house, when he got the attack. Ambulance came, and that was the last time he ever saw his home. I had to move all by myself, while he was in the hospital for almost three weeks. Thank God he made it after all. I made it through as well. With help of the moval company, I managed the transfer. The day after all the furniture was brought to our new home, he was released from the hospital. We didn’t have flooring yet and had to survive for months on concrete floors while he was recovering. It was a horrible time. Within a year he got open heart surgery as well. One big horror show! It took many years to recover from this all. I’m so grateful and blessed now that he is still alive and well. I love him to pieces!

Now we live with nextdoor neighbours everywhere, and it feels like an escaped bird back in the birdcage for me. I had a lot of room for decorating, especially window seals. I thought to share some Christmas impressions with you from that time. So…… enjoy my throwback Christmas!

Artificial flowers and lights
Christmas tree decorations
Sparkling shabby decorations for Christmas
Candles in the window seal
Details of the Christmas tree
The dove and the light
Balls and flowers
Flowers and angels
Front door decor
Christmas decorations
Christmas at the front door
Artificial flower and angel
Balls and Ivy
Light and roses
Fairy decor in the window

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