Love is enough

Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough' by Ingeborg van Zuiden (Design by Janie Crow)

Hello there!

I have been into crochet a lot the past weeks as I was ‘hooked’ by a gorgeous Crochet-A-Long pattern by Janie Crow. The pattern is called ‘Love is enough’ and was derived from the original Fruitgarden CAL blanket. I loved this colour version so much, that I decided to give it a try. I’d never created a blanket like this before and was not sure if I would make it, especially because of the gorgeous but intricate rectangle side panels. But the description of the patterns were so good, that I managed quite easily to create it. And oh, it’s sooooooooooo gorgeous. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of it yet, but I will do so soon, but since I was taking pictures of a gorgeous bouquet I received from a dear friend from the USA, I thought to mix the pictures of the bouquet with some sneak peeks of this blanket. So…. more pictures to come soon, I promise, with more details too!

So….. just before Christmas the doorbell rang and there was a kind man with this gorgeous bouquet. My husband took it and asked if it was really meant for us, haha. But the deliverer assured it was for us. So, there it was, this gorgeous pink bouquet with Gerbera’s, Lisianthus, Dianthus and Chrysanthemum. With sweet Christmas wishes from my friend Leigh Ann. Soooooo beautiful! I got tears in my eyes and my mouth fell open, as this was the second time I received a gorgeous bouquet from the USA! Such does not happen every day, I can tell you, haha. On my birthday I was surprised as well. I was totally flabbergasted! So so sweet!!! Thank you again dear Leigh Ann! You really know me well!

The flowers match the crochet inspiration so I thought to pack this all into one blog post plus some Christmas memories. We kept Christmas quiet this year. I didn’t put up a tree. I hope these flowers find you well today!
Keep praying, and stay prepared for huge things to come!!!
The truth will set you free!

Blessings & Love

Ingeborg van Zuiden
Crochet Hollyhock flower by Ingeborg. I created this from a pattern from Janie Crow (Fruitgarden CAL blanket)
Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough' with ruffled flowers
Ruffled flower details crocheted with Stylecraft DK acrylic yarn
Coral pink crochet flower details
Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough'
Yellow crochet flower
Details of Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough'
Purple flower from Love is enough cal blanket

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