Predictive sounds

Recently my dear husband and I were having breakfast together and long story short, he told me about songs he so much loved and asked me to find this beautiful song ‘Father and Son’ by Cat Stevens. My husband loves guitar music and so I bought him a double CD of Cat Stevens. And while listening to it it striked me once again how a lot of his songs are predictive sounds, as if he ‘knew’ then what would matter ‘now’!!!! Mindboggling! Just like ‘Heal the world’ by Michael Jackson and so many other of his songs, but songs of many artists too, like ABBA, Elvis, oh way too much to mention!! I wanted to share these 3 songs that are so actual right now on this moment. The Trump Train = The Peace Train! Wow! Trump will win. God wins! The truth wins, just like your father told you from the beginning!

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