Please prepare!

I just wanted to really emphasize to you that it is important that you prepare yourself for a really big change and storm!! What you MUST do, if you can, is make sure to have enough water and food, medication and things you really can’t do without in the house for about 2 to 3 weeks! Be prepared for no electricity and water!

Also….. this storm will be of biblical proportions! And a lot of very difficult horrible things will come out. Please know that God and patriots are in control during this storm. So try not to fear and know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. This period is called ‘The Great Awakening’.

I’ve tried to warn you now for months, and wake you up slowly, and hope you found out yourself in the meantime, about what is taking place in the world at the moment. If not, go just read all messages on this webpage. You don’t have to understand all of the cryptics, but when you just read through it all you’ll get the point about what’s going on.

So please, i’m very serious, prepare yourself NOW.
Go run for errands and water if you can NOW. Any moment the storm can come. Also, be prepared to be locked down in your home and/or martial law with not being able to call anyone or go on the internet. Backup all you have online as well as well as your banking information etc. Now, I can’t tell you the exact moment it is going to hit, but I do know that we are close. Maybe my senses get me wrong, but what is wrong with always be prepared for emergencies anyway?! This ‘Storm’ i’m talking about is not just a storm. It’s truly something really BIG! Please make sure you are prepared for what i’m telling you.

This is all I can do for you. I care for humanity, as we are ONE. I’ve tried to warn some family and friends, but they don’t take me serious. Well, all I can say….. you’ll soon find out! You know I am intelligent enough to know! I pray you will get through this well. Know that this needs to happen to clean our beautiful planet from evil. Read Revelations (the last book) in the Bible. IT IS AS REAL AS IT CAN GET!!! The video’s of Michael Jackson i’ve attached here are predictive ones! So view these and you’ll get a pretty good feeling about what’s going to take place! Take good care of yourself and all humanity. LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER! There is no more room for EGO, TROLLING, NARCISSISM, HATE and JEALOUSY and all such stupid things! You really need to wake up seriously this time! May you find shelter in God’s arms.

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