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Hello there and good morning, afternoon, or evening!

I’m patiently waiting for the force of nature to come which is the TRUTH.
As you might know i’m serving the Truth, and have been my whole life.
It is one of my most favorite topics to talk about, as I believe it’s the core value of life.

It’s sometimes challenging to live by the truth, especially when it would mean, that if we speak truth, we would put ourselves in danger or it would give a lot of turmoil. Nevertheless I mostly choose the risk of being in danger or risking a fight. My tongue is often sharp as a knife, but when it comes to truth, so be it. As you will soon find out, the truth sometimes is very painful and bitter and hard to swallow! But truth is truth. It’s a simple as that!

I always try to live in truth, but i’m not perfect either. Often I find myself in a position that I didn’t dare to speak the truth, because I was afraid to lose my life, job or create a lot of stir. I’m sure God will hold me accountable for that, and I take full responsibility for it too. But I also ask for forgiveness when I did so. What I always have in my ‘neo cortex’ is that my intention is always serving the ‘good’. So, in order to do good, as I think at that moment, I do intentionally keep the truth for myself. Anyway, truth is a subject of major importance. It’s my main subject in thinking processes, day in and out. I hope God is satisfied enough with how I serve the truth. Only God knows. I could never live in a lie. I’d rather die for the truth, than live a long life in a lie! But diplomacy is often needed I think. But maybe that’s a deception too. I’m not the almighty God to judge over that. I try to discern as much as I can to serve the good and the truth.

So…… on the truth subject….. I created this free ‘truth’-badge for you to use. I also changed my website logo. I hope you like it! Anyway….. don’t live in a lie ok! Be courageous and step forward facing the truth! Always! Sometimes you have to fight for the truth!!!!



The worst part about being lied to is knowing that to that person, you weren't worth the truth

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