Freebie My Green deal wallpaper

Hi there!

I created this free wallpaper for you and titled it ‘My Green Deal’.
I love green but all this stupid ‘green deal’ globalist stuff really irritates me.
This cult type of talk and push is so sick. Shouldn’t we ‘just’ always take good care of our environment, lives and loved ones? Shouldn’t we always try to eat as clean as possible? It’s so obvious! So this whole cult build around the ‘greens’ is not needed and just a selling point to trick you into bad moves. It’s a scam! Soon you’ll find out how much of a scam it is. There only one that rules the planet, and that’s God! Simply enjoy the greens God created for you and you’re there. Just my two cents…. I love all pure things and don’t want to be labeled as a green dealer, haha.

I hope you like this free gift from me to you too and will enjoy it!
In case you want more like these in different colours, please check and download the files on the special wallpaper freebie page!

Stay well and pray! God is in control! The King is coming! Live in truth and come clean with your lies! Eventually all will be revealed and the trumpets will sound! Soon we will be free!


‘My Green deal’ art by Ingeborg

Digital wallpaper

Free digital art wallpaper 'My green deal' by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

My Green Deal digital art desktop background/wallpaper by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Size: 1080 x 1920 px

Listen to this music!
It’s the truth and made for times like this!

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