Garden impressions

Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea


Time for some garden impressions in the beginning of June!

I’m still alive and so is my garden, hehe. I have been caught in a time capsule I think. Where is it going these days!? I really have the feeling i’m going back to the future every single day! I want to do so much, but can do so little unfortunately. Before I know it it’s bedtime again, pffff. Anyway…. I wanted to share some impressions from the greenery in my garden at the moment. It’s one big green explosion there. Unbelievable! It’s like a paradise, like I said before. Unfortunately due to the rain a lot of roses have mildew now and are losing their foliage already. Such a pity! Nevertheless they have tons of buds and blooms already. So beautiful to see them all coming again. For the first time i’ve tried to grow beans and apple trees too, as you can see in the photo above. I had some overdue granny smith apples and thought to use their seeds that were inside the apple just for fun to see if it would sprout. And so……. it did, haha. I can’t imagine i’ll get a granny smith apple tree, but it will be some sort of apple tree hopefully. It’s fun to experiment with it. Last year I tried garlic, but that didn’t work out in my wet heavy clay soil, till I noticed this year that the garlic foliage came up again! So, who know i’ll get some garlic too this year. Yesterday I sat on our little terrace and noticed a blackbird is having a nest in a rose bush on a rose arch in between the rose foliage and the ivy foliage. So much fun!!! We’ll get little birdies too. Can’t wait!

I’ve added a lot of pictures here for you to enjoy. I still have so much other things to share. A lot on the shelves, that’s for sure! I’m a little bit anxious these days as the ‘storm’ is so close now. I really expect this week something major is going to come. But alas…… that’s what I expected last week as well, and the week before that too, haha. But one day, very soon, haha. it will be there. God will determine when that is. I hope all is going to be happening soon. I’m tired, very tired. In the meantime i’m trying to live a grateful life and focus on healing and creating and sharing my life with whom I love. I hope you do too! Stay well and happy, and do not fear. Please pray for peace and a good ending for this planet! And don’t be surprised if you’ll see flying things coming to help us out! ūüėÄ

View in the garden

View from our little terrace


Allium bulb flower

Figs from the garden

The first figs

Clematis Multi Blue

Clematis Multi Blue

Blue Hydrangea
Rosa Schneewitchen

White climbing rose ‘Schneewitchen’

White rose 'Schneewitchen'
Where I meet the birds

The blackbird nest is in the left rose arch on the top

All kinds of plants in containers
Pink rose 'Kir Royal'

Rosa ‘Kir Royal’

Pink climbing rose Kir Royal

A bee sipping from the Erysimum

Campanula climbing on a wall

Campanula climbing on a wall

Leonardo DaVinci rose

Leonardo DaVinci rose buds

Rosa Westerland

Rosa Westerland

Along the garden path
Rose de Rescht

Rosa ‘Rose de Rescht’

Rose de Rescht
Ivy arch
White climber 'Rosa Schneewitchen'
At the front door

Flowers at the entrance

Along the garden path with Heuchera and Stachys Grandiflora
Rosa Leonardo DaVinci red
Rose Aloha Kordes

Rosa Aloha Kordes

View into the garden from my little terrace

Another view from the little terrace

Wild rose
Rosa Westerland
On the garden table
Garden pottery

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