A pansy day

A basket filled with pansies

Hi there!

I have been off for a little while. I’ve been so tired and it was beautiful weather over here, so I took the time to relax a bit in the garden. I took some pictures the other day of some pretty pansies and generally in the garden with flowers opening up. I’ll post it in several posts to not make them too long. Here are some of the pretty pansies and some decor from the backyard.

A pansy basket with handmade willow wreath

I’ve put the basket filled with pansies in a handmade birch wreath

View from my terrace on a sunny spring day

Sitting on the terrace I can see the birds coming to take a bath or sip of water

Erysimum and Cotinus
Lilac pansy
The bird's house
Pretty magenta pansies
Clematis opening up

The purple clematis is opening up too.

Decorative lantern
Rosa Schneewitchen

Rosa Schneewitchen is opening her first flowers. Isn’t it pretty?

Purple pansy

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