Viburnum Tinus

Viburnum Tinus flower by Ingeborg van Zuiden

A portrait of Viburnum Tinus

One of my most favorite garden plants is Viburnum Tinus.
It’s actually a shrub. It’s evergreen and I have to have it anywhere I go.
It’s a very easy shrub that grows almost everywhere, as far as i’m concerned. My experience with it is on sea clay, river clay and sandy grounds. I am so fond of it because of the fact that it’s always showing something interesting, either flowers or pretty bleu steel berries! You can prune it into shape, pick flowers from it for a little arrangement or simply enjoy it in a pot. I even used it in wedding bouquets like this one I created years ago.

Wedding bouquet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Wedding bouquet with pink roses and Viburnum tinus flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden

It’s an evergreen shrub in a round shape. Size about 1.50 metres in height and width, depending on the soil it’s planted onto. It has gorgeous winter flowers in white and red colours and after that pretty metallic blue berries appear. These are all photos from my own garden to give you a fair impression of this beautiful shrub, I hope! I haven’t pruned it yet, so it’s a bit out of shape, but I will do that after the winter. I never give it any fertilizer and despite that it keeps on going. I have them in full sunny spots but also in shady spots. They don’t seem to care much about that, however I think they like a bit of moisty soil best. These shrubs are great to start a garden with and bring a structure in the garden or create focal points with. They are great to combine with topiairy shaped trees and flowers surrounding them. A must have in your garden if that’s possible in your continent.

Viburnum Tinus by Ingeborg
Viburnum Tinus flowers
Viburnum flowers
A Viburnum flower bud

This is a pretty reddish flower bud.

Viburnum flower in bloom
New leaf making in a Viburnum shrub

Here you can see how it creates new leaves and how the buds come out.

Viburnum flower
Viburnum shrub with fresh buds
Viburnum flower half open
Viburnum Tinus shrub in my garden
Viburnum leaves and buds
Viburnum flower in full bloom

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