Throwback bouquet

A bouquet from my garden by Ingeborg

Hello there!

I am trying to enjoy myself in ‘my fairy beautiful world’. I hope you don’t feel in lockdown. I certainly don’t! I feel free like never before. ‘They’ won’t get my spirit down. Oh no! Only God is in control in my life. I know all will be well and over soon. God will release the burden and eradicate evil from this earth. We can help this process too by praying and believing in the good and bringing as much love into this world as we can. We also must stand for justice, and stand up for the people who can’t defend themselves. I will not tolerate any evil action by anyone in my life. Don’t get me wrong…… I had my share of such for decades, but i’ve put the red line in the sand. I’ve been battling a lot of selfish, mean, abusive and most of all narcissistic people in my life before, and it was a long painful journey. I lost a lot, but the weird thing is……. it actually feels like i gained a lot. Anyone spreading lies, taking advantage, playing games, making mean comments to you etc. I’ve eradicated them all. I had to, because they were predators and needed to find themselves first. I realized only God can help them. I still pray for those people and hope they will be healed and will see the light and that God will bring them his love. Everyone is accountable for their own behavior and actions. What i’ve experienced is that a lot of people believe stories from other people and never check if they are true with the other side. Just like the fake news outlets are doing these days with framing president Trump or with people who seem to speak the truth. I feel very bad for him and those truthseekers, but I know that truth is a force of nature, and it will come back like a boomerang on the bad guys. So….. always speak and stand up for the truth, always talk to both sides before you believe a story about someone. Do not judge easily. Of course we all judge now and then, but beware of it and be introspective when it comes to your judgement. How can you be so sure it’s like this or that? Is your judgement based on facts? It would save so many hurt and pain in this world if everybody would say ‘mea culpa’ a bit more! Anyway….. off the soapbox………….. I wanted to share some flowers with you and picked this ‘throwback bouquet’ from my photo collection. Aren’t these pretty? These were all flowers from my garden when I lived in the countryside in Twente, The Netherlands. It was a good year for the roses, and i’m sure this year will be a good one too! Justice will soon be served!

Bouquet with pink sweet pea and roses
Orange peach roses lupine and sweet pea bouquet
Flowers from the garden
Do not judge
Bright flower bouquet
A bouquet from my garden
Pink and orange bouquet from the garden
Orange roses bouquet

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