Floral embellished handbag

Good day to you!

Hopefully you are doing well!? I am not, but I have to keep my chin up. I am intensely sad these days. Don’t know why….. I guess because of the dark days that the world is going through. The country i’m living in is slowly being teared apart. We are in bad weather, that’s for sure! Anyway, I thought it was a good moment to share this flower power handbag with you. A couple of years ago I bought this handbag from someone in the USA. I loved it so much, but I thought it needed more embellishments. So when I bought it I had in mind to add florals myself. When it came it was like the picture below. This is how I bought it. Only a piece of white Venice lace and a couple of buttons. The straps where a bit too short for me as well, as I want to wear it crossed over my body. And as i’m a plus size, it needed a little bit of extension. I embroidered a lot of seed beads, sequins, flower beads and also added some of my handmade crochet flowers made of acrylic yarns. And of course some extra buttons and such. I took lots of photos, as you can see below. I hope you like the eyecandy for today!
Have a blessed weekend and please pray for peace!

Floral handbag before addinge more embellishments
Handmade floral handbag
Flower handbag embellished with crochet roses and flowers

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