Chrysanthemum eyeglass case

Silk ribbon embroidery flower

Hello there!

I am still in turmoil, but I did get some sleep the past two nights, for the first time in weeks, so something is changing. But my life is still very much upside down and I can’t find back a normal life. But i’m trying hard. I’m staring at the wall for hours, watching photos, listening to music. I guess it all just has to happen this way. In the meantime I now and then start to enter my fairy beautiful world again; I mean my crafting space. But even that is difficult, and chaos everywhere. There’s chaos in and around the house which is very difficult to deal with as well. So much on my plate, pfffff……… but alas…… in time there will come solutions, i’m sure.

I tried to take new pictures of new finished projects but somehow the light of the camera is not good, so I need to go on a hunt for better lighting to take photographs. In the meantime I thought to share this ‘golden oldie’ that I created years ago. It has beautiful silk ribbon embroidered Chrysanthemums which were my husbands’ favorite flowers. He loved daisies and daisy-like flowers. The sweetheart! I miss him so much. It hurts really bad. I do put my mask on every day though, and am trying to keep ‘the show’ going. One of the songs I picked for the funeral was ‘smile’ by Michael Jackson. I’ll attach it here. So I keep on smiling, ok! Anyway………. this eyeglass case…. yes……… it’s carrying a lot of beadwork and laces and is very luxurious. I love the beaded frills with the iridescent heart shaped leaves. I crocheted the flower with the green heart myself as well. I hope you enjoy the show! Have a great weekend!

Handmade victorian style eyeglass case with crazy embroidery flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Details of silk ribbon embroidery mum flowers
Backside of handmade crazy quilting eyeglass case with crochet flower and beadwork by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Details of beaded flowers, trims and silk ribbon florals
Close-up of creme pearl buttons
Details of handmade crazy quilting eyeglass case in Victorian style
Details of beaded chain
Details of beaded frill with iridescent leaf beads and pearls
Details of sequins and charm
Crochet flower with beaded heart
Trims and buttons
Pink silk ribbon Chrysanthemum by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Beaded buttons
Ribbon emboidery eyeglass case by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Silk ribon embroidery flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade victorian style eyeglass case

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