Winter fairy

Handmade Artist Trading Card (ATC/ACEO) with winter fairy and Christmas stars

Well, Hello there!

I hope this sweet winter fairy finds you well today! I hope it will bring snow to us this Christmas, but it sure doesn’t look like it. But who knows! There is always hope, or not?! One thing is for sure, you can’t rely on the weather reports anymore these days, and maybe we never were. I don’t mind. The birds will tell me what’s going on, haha! Yesterday morning I woke up with a blackbird singing in the Laburnum tree in our front garden as if it’s spring already! It was beautiful and so special. Never had heard that before in this time of the year. A couple of weeks ago I stopped most of the clocks in our home, as if i’m aligning with eternity where time doesn’t exist the way as we know of it.

Wonderful things are happening! It’s a magical ‘time’ to live in! I just wish everyone could see this and would unite with it all. So many people are lost, so many people in their ‘matrix ego’ attitudes, only busy with themselves and not caring for others. Life is so much better when you share it, when you listen and care for one another and when you accept each other’s differences and live in simplicity and foremost with God. Unfortunately many people are divided by religion, race or color, while we all share the same blood given to us by God. We all are created by the same God! So many people don’t even communicate physically anymore. They are addicted to their smartphones and computers and their whole world is in a virtual playing field. Not good!!!! So many people just busy with their mind, instead of their physical body. A lot if out of balance, and I think we have to get back to this balance again between ‘time’ for yourself, and ‘time’ for others. We need the reflections others give to us and the different perspectives on topics to grow. We need to share the laughter and tears to feel whole.
Anyway, I hope this winter fairy brings you hope, good feelings and love.
Enjoy the winter solstice! It’s going to be beautiful!

Handmade ATC ACEO card with Christmas stars and vintage winter fairy angel
Victorian snow fairy girl
golden stars
Winter snow fairy art
Handmade winter snow fairy atc card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of lace and embellishment on fairy snow card
ATC card with snow fairy theme

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