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Every moment is a fresh beginning

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Energy is flowing in a huge pace. Soon the truthbomb will burst! Angels are working hard to bring as much human beings to the right side as they can. There are a lot of deceived ones and people who think they are on the good side but in fact are possessed by evil spirits. I can’t say it enough, there is only ONE GOD, our PRIME CREATOR. He wins, always. When you are not on His side, but on the devil’s side you lose.

So, where do you stand, you think? Are you still living with heavy burdens on your heart? Does something not feel right? Do you feel regrets or are you suffering from an addiction maybe and can’t get out of it? Know that there is always help! The only thing you have to do is simply pray and ask GOD to help you on the right track and guide you with finding an answer to your questions. When you ask GOD with a sincere heart He WILL always help you. It can take a little while though, as these days He’s very busy, haha, but truly, he is working for YOU, even if you don’t feel it yet. Do you feel hatred for someone, or a group or environment you’re in? Ask yourself why you do? What does that say about you? What is it exactly that you hate so much in that person, that area, that house, or whatever it is? Try to analyze it for a bit and you’ll already get some answers.

I always have a reference from the Bible for myself that I try to live with as best as I can which is: 1. Corinthians 13. It is about LOVE. Love is ALWAYS THE ANSWER. If you can approach a situation or person with love, then you’ve already won so much. Love carries the highest frequency there is. Love can move mountains! Of course you can have arguments with someone. Do you think I never argue? Ha! I argue all the time but only to keep things pure and truthful, to seek solutions and get to know the situation or person better, so we can grow and learn from it.

I always question things, always wonder, and foremost, always try to seek the facts and truth in any circumstance. Knowledge is power! When i’m wrong about something, ok, so be it, i will 100% admit WITH LOVE. No problemo at all for me! I don’t WANT to be right all the time. I want to be pure and always on the right path, learn and enjoy life as best as I can and make other people happy. But foremost help people to become the best version of themselves! When you do not choose love, but stay in hatred with each other you lose. Definitely! If someone brings you a message that upsets you, don’t shoot the messenger, but question the message! These days people just scream over each other and don’t really LISTEN to each other anymore. Or people assume it’s this or that way, without hearing the other side. People judge one another so easily. They ‘hear’ something from another person about that person or this person and immediately condemn or judge, without knowing the real truth or reasons behind it.

I’m going off the soapbox, haha, but I just want to say with my latest handmade card:

Every moment is a new beginning!

Are you a winner or a loser?

Timeless flowers
Details of swirls and wordart
Backside of handmade Regency style card
Bingo numbers art
French lily in glitter style
Pearls and swirls
Flowers sequins and beading
Flower bling bling
Handmade paper flower with sequins
Bird and flowers
Flower embellishments
Handmade vintage style embellishments
Beaded cabochon on handmade vintage style greeting card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Flowers and beads
Dyed paper flower with sequin
Beading and bling
"What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate."

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