Sweet girl card

Details of punch flowers with bling hearts

Hello there!

It’s a cold but great day here in the Netherlands. We are seeing the sun the whole day long today. Always good! Yesterday our new gardener came to prune our Birch and Acer tree. What an undertaking that was. He is a professional tree climber and went into the trees as if it was sooooo normal, haha. Our garden trees had become so big and full, that it needed to be done. Within 3 hours only he finished it. So quickly. Amazing how hard people can work, wow. We have much more light in our garden now that it’s done and hopefully my roses and other plants will do better this upcoming season. The trees took so much water away from the soil! And the ants loved that too, lol. Anyway, luckily I now have tons of birch branches left over from the pruning so I can create new wreaths. I love to make wreaths of Cornus and Birch branches. They are easily bendable and great to use for making a wreath. I also use my willow branched for it. Once upon a time i had my own lane of Sorbus trees, and even managed to create wreaths from those branches…..

Handmade Sorbus wreath with orange berries by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade Cornus wreath by Ingeborg van Zuiden

….I also wanted to share a little card I created a short while ago which is this one with a vintage girl surrounded by punch Hydrangea flowers. I hope you like it! Time for dinner now. I have to go. Have a wonderful day!



Handmade pink vintage style greeting card with sweet girl and Hydrangea flowers
Details of sweet label
Details of white hydrangea punch flowers and rope
Details of handmade vintage style card with pink accents
Details of glitter and flowers
Handmade card with hydrangea flowers and vintage girl by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of rope
Details of flowers and lace

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