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Handmade inspirational card by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hello there!

Long time no see!! Busy times in the world. A lot of buzzing, change and disclosure about the lies we have been living in. Welcome to the Great Awakening!

I have lived all my life for the truth and fought for the truth to be revealed on so many subjects and in so many cases and I finally feel that my time has arrived and I get to know my efforts are not being left unrewarded. At least it’s a feeling of some relief that finally the truth is coming out about all who lied, about all injustices and crimes against humanity, big or small. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of this world has been on my shoulders. My body carries it all and i’m now in a process of releasing this heavy burden.

Truth is a force of nature. Sooner or later the truth will come out about any lie or injustice that has been taken place in this world or on whatever subject or in whatever relationship. God sees everything! All is being recorded, remember that! You will always have to face God’s judgement. His Honesty is Holy and Pure and shines as bright as a trillion times of the sun! And the devil cannot bear that. So, what I wanted to give to you as a message today……. when you lied to someone, misjudged someone, done harm on purpose and feel bad about it, spoke with a bad tongue about someone that didn’t deserve that or whatever you did wrong………………………… You know exactly inside what that is…… this is the time to come clean with it. Pick up the phone and be humble and honest and admit. Do justice! Go to that friend or neighbour and apologize. It’s never too late to change! The truth will set you free, will make you alive and happy again. Ask to be forgiven and God will forgive you when you are sincere about it. God is always there for you and whatever you think about the subject or about the judgement of God: God always wins. Always!

So dear child…………………… come home…… to God, to the house where true love prevails. If there is love, there if life and hope! What God brings together none can divide! Like the postal stamp on my handmade card says: “Give me Liberty or give me death”!

Have a blessed day and may the truth prevail!

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It's never too late to change
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