Sad angel

Angel and blossoms

Hello there!

Another Christmas project finished! I had this on my desk for almost two years to be finished, shame on me! But finally I managed to put the details onto it. This is a wallhanging and/or Christmas card. On the backside there is room for a pony….. uhhh sorry…… hahaha….. room for a note, of course. I have added lots of bling bling, and created pretty wired flowers. The wired flowers are so easy to make! I simply shape flowers with wire first. Just folding the wire into a long shape petal, and repeat, as you like and then I used nail polish to cover the petals. Because the petals are small and long, the nailpolish will bond like a drop into the wire. I used glitter nail polish in this case. Maybe i’ll once do a video on it, but for now you have to do it with this brief explanation. The angel started crying when I was working on it!!! You will not believe it maybe, but it’s true! God always works through my hands when i’m behind my craft desk!! It’s so hard to put these magical moments into words, but really…… somehow the angel got a scratch of some sort of material and it looks as if she is crying. This is one of my most favorite projects as it is a projection of how I feel constantly. I’m just a ‘sad’ angel carrying a lot of the world’s hurt on her shoulders. God wanted me to come out and tell you about it. Don’t know why. I am just sad, so sad. But…… I have good news…… golden times are coming! I know my sadness will soon be gone, but till that time I just have to keep on carrying this heavy ‘thing’ on my shoulders.

Blessings to you!


Angel and blossoms
Glitter and bling
Pink wired flower with bling heart
Weeping angel by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Backside of Christmas notecard hanger
Handmade wired flowers with bling bling
Handmade glitter flower
Details of flowers and corner
Wired flowers
Handmade vintage style Christmas notecard hanger with victorian angel and blossoms

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