Q Marie

Marie and the letter Q


I’m starting the new year with sharing one of my latest Marie cards. I thought it was nice to remind you to smell the flowers. I have a flower arrangement on my dinner table currently which is filled with ivy and hyacinth flowers. And they smell!!!! Heavenly! I love hyacinths, do you?! They are so pretty, frilly and strong. After flowering i’ll put them into my garden, and they will come back the year after. Anyway….. this is the Marie card with a Q. Q is a letter I love! It’s the 17th letter of the alphabet. This card has an inside pocket with matching tag. On the front of the card I attached a handmade clay rose. I created it with clay and a mold and then added a pink wax over it. I glued it onto the card with e-6000 glue. LOL, a kind American lady once adviced me about this glue, and she said you can glue an elephant onto the ceiling with it and it will stick, haha. I’ll never forget that. It’s interesting how people come and go into my life and leave something behind of value all the time. I love that!
I hope this litte post finds you well started in the new year!



Handmade pink floral Marie-Antoinette card with clay rose and letter Q by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Marie-Antoinette card art by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink pastel clay rose on a handmade card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
The letter Q
Stones and other embellishments on handmade card
Roses and Marie-Antoinette
Inside details of Marie-Antoinette Q card
Label with seam binding ribbon
Inside details of Marie card
Label in the pocket on the inside of handmade Marie card
Handmade clay rose
Dots created with texture paste
Smell the flowers
Roses in all forms

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