Peace will come


Hello there!

I wanted to share this card with you that I created a while ago. It’s a card with a message of peace. It popped up in my head and I was guided to share it with you today. I want to let you know that peace really is coming. You really have to believe in it. God IS coming to release us from the chaos that’s going on in this world right now! He truly is, that’s a promiss! He is never going to let us down. I can already see it everywhere. I hear it in the birds’ sounds, I hear and see it in the air, I see it in the colours of the skies. I notice it in people’s behaviors. I can see it clearly now. It’s so close that God is coming! I can only say this…… first there will be thunder and difficult truths will come to light. Don’t be afraid. The shit first needs to come out in order to feel the relief. God is beauty, light and love. He will bring evil to justice and all good people be released from this hell on earth. It will all be so beautiful! As beautiful as the glitter on my card. Everything will sparkle, beautiful rainbows, birds chirping, colours everywhere, flowers, love….. all will be abundantly there and we will be so happy! THE event is coming. Buckle up, trust in the Lord, never give up, believe and rest assured for he has a plan for you!

Handmade pansy card with peace bird
Peace pansies
CRochet flower and butterfly
Details of bird and bling flowers
Purple pansy
Details of pansy bird card
Metallic pansies
glitter details on handmade pansy card

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