Past times pretties

Details of handmade blue pink Regency ladies card with white flowers and bling bling stones

I am very fond of Victorian and Regency ladies styles as you might have noticed in my mixed media art pieces. So this is yet another handmade greeting card with Regency ladies added. And of course tons of flowers, glitter and glamour. This card has a pocket on the backside with some fun tags. On the inside there’s a pocket as well for a little gift or additional note, tickets or whatever. I also love to add some wordart, or expressions often. This time I chose this one:

Laughter is the closest distance between two people

Laughter…… something so important! Humor is my main weapon in life. I cannot do without. Me and my husband laugh day in and out, no matter what circumstances. Even in the most difficult hours we laughed and joked. I swear it’s so healing and so uplifting. It’s truly a medicin, in my humble opinion. So when things get tough, simply smile and/or tell a joke and it will break the tension! It’s true! Just try it! And did you know that when you only even lift up your mouth into a smiling position that that already generates good vibes and chemicals from your belly into your body?! So make sure to keep on smiling, no matter what ok!

That’s my message for today.

Blessings & Smiles

Handmade vintage style greeting card with Regency ladies and pink floral embellishments created by Ingeborg van Zuiden
3d ornaments and flowers on handmade card
Frontside of handmade Regency lady style card with pretty flowers
Backside of handmade card with wordart tags and flowers
Wordart on front of the Regency ladies card - Laughter is the closest distance between two people
Frontside details of handmade card of wordart and 3d floral embellishments
Handmade paper tags with cheery wordart and charms
Life is always better with a smile - wordart on backside of handmade card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Backside pocket with golden flower
Details of pretty past time Regency lady with pink acrylic flowers
Frontside of handmade Regency ladies card with roses and floral embellishments
Inside of handmade card
Inside pocket details with gold red pink ribbon
Writing area of handmade card with 3d flowers
Details of frontside of handmade vintage style card with 3d flowers, pink stones and Rosette
Details of inside pocket of handmade Regency style card with tickets and flowers
Handmade vintage style floral tags with charms and seam binding ribbons
Details of pocket with ribbon and 3d butterfly
Backside of handmade card with flowers and pocket for tags
Details of pocket with wordart
Paper rosette with glitter ornament
Details of handmade Regency style card with tags
Handmade vintage paper tags with charms and wordart by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade Regency style card with flowers and ribbons by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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