Marie en Paris card

Details of handmade card Marie en Paris with punch flowers and lots of glitter

Hello there!

It’s raining men! An hour ago, in between the rains, I went for a little peek into my garden to see how everything is going this winter, and was surprised by so many miracles. It’s amazing how nature just goes on and on with growing. We do have a very mild winter, so it’s explainable, but anyway, it seems like it hasn’t been winter at all! The roses are still giving flowers even! I had put some garlic into pots and noticed those are coming up as well and also saw some apple tree seeds sprouting. It was a matter of experimenting and I was excited as a baby flower fairy to have noticed that my experimental journey was working, haha. The house sparrows were chirping as if it’s spring already, and I was delighted to notice my Azaleas were still alive and kicking. I hope my Dahlia’s will survive this winter. I didn’t pick them up into the shed this time, so hopefully they will come back. OK and then I also noticed alllllllllllllll the work that needs to be done with pruning and cleaning, pfffff. I don’t know how we will manage to do it all. We’ll see as time comes by.

I was playing with my website and thought to share a little post and show off this card I created featuring Marie ‘en Paris’. I hope you like it! Still tons of things to take photos of and share. One at a time. I can’t stop creating! So much inspiration. Enjoy today!

Handmade vintage style Marie card
Inside of handmade Marie en Paris card

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