Joy to the world

Pink floral handmade Christmas card by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Good Saturday!

Joy to the world! I’m bringing in the angels again. The angels are playing music for you to comfort you and bring you into a relaxed mood. The angels are working hard these days to transform earth into a better place. Slowly more points of light are showing up. We need more light! In my own small way I try to bring as much light as I can by sharing my works of art. Hopefully these pretty angels and flowers will touch you positively and inspire you to enjoy the flowers, create some yourself, or start listening to some beautiful music. I love to listen to piano music, amongst so much else, but piano music is my ‘spine’ activator. I recently bought a cd from Dutch pianist Jeroen van Veen. Actually I bought a couple of them, like ‘Yiruma’, ‘Philip Glass’ and ‘Richter’. I love them all. So relaxing! Did you know that when listening to soothing music, a part of your brain heals fear?! It truly helps to listen to relaxing music when you have fear or a panic attack! Just look at what mother’s are being taught to comfort their child when it’s upset! What also helps is to deeply inhale and give a big sigh. That activates a little centre in the belly that regulates stress. Such simple little techniques to help yourself when you’re not feeling comfortable. Anyway…….. here is my tribute to more light for today. I made this Christmas card with using the Oakberry Lane flower dies and stamps from Heartfelt Creations again. Can’t get enough of those! Aren’t they pretty!? May your Christmas sparkle!



Handmade Joy to the World Christmas card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink paper flowers created with Oakberry Lane template and stamps of Heartfelt Creations by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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