Heavenly pink

Hi there!

All things grow with love!
Love…… it’s love! That’s all you need.
Love will be the solution to every problem you have.
If you love someone or something enough, and show it to that person or put love into that vision, dream or effort, it will succeed, no matter what! What you focus on increases! Love is also action. Love is the highest of all. Love is truth! Love is being true and real. Love is sometimes showing toughness, but only with the intention to wake you up or bring you to a higher plan. Love is fair. Love has humor too.

For instance, my marriage is based on 100% true love, but that doesn’t mean we sometimes have hard talks and are in the boxing ring. But what is a boxing ring without fighters? What is a marriage without lovers? What is a friend showing fake kindness? What are the seasons without a storm or thunder and lightning? We all have dark and light in us, but the light, the love and action is what makes it all happen! Love is light! Jesus is love! God is love! I am love, You are love. I love you so! So…… do you love me, or not? That’s the question! My love will always find its way to you. It’s your and my heartbeat.

Soon the bitter truth will hit the world so hard, but only to release us to a more loving world. I’ve tried to wake you up. I hope you found the truth. If not, the bitter truth will then set you free at last, no matter what! Nothing is what it seems! I can tell you that. I hope we ALL will make it to the other side! Sometimes you have to walk through the dark or face the bitter and difficult moments to see the light. Just go through it and know that God will carry you through it all. You never walk alone! Help each other through it and know that love will save us! The King is coming! Be sure of that! This is my handmade ‘ode to love’ card. I hope you will find truth and love from this moment on, day in and out, minute by minute, step by step. May God protect you and carry you! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FOOD, WATER AND OTHER THINGS YOU CAN’T DO WITHOUT FOR ABOUT 3 TO 4 WEEKS until it happens!

Blessings from a flower fairy

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