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A lovely friend of mine had some great idea which is to choose a resolutionary word for every new year. Her choice was the word ‘JOY’.
I so much love that idea of picking some sort of central focal point of a word and ‘knit’ your life around it throughout the year. Joy is a word from God which you can find in the Bible a lot. Joy is not just fun or happiness, it has a deeper meaning in my humble opinion. I experience joy everyday so much and so deeply, even though a day can have many difficulties and challenges. I’ve always managed to stay happy despite the hell my husband and I had to go through together and before we even met each other. We managed to carry it all due to this feeling of gratitude, love and joy and simply stay close to God. Everyday, there is something else. It’s easy to get depressed, but we simply don’t let that happen. We never have, even in our darkest moments. We always choose the light, our love, an honest joyful simple living. We then laughed about it, and foremost……. humor was our best weapon in the war on evil terror from all the matrix monsters.

We are now living in a very challenging time, but not when you know God has a plan for you and when you fully rely on him. He wants you to be joyful and only follow him. I/we do so. Sometimes my heart cries for all the hurt there is in this world. All those damaged people, lost children, poisoned, abandoned, abused, seeking for ‘just’ love, to be praised and some kindness. I wish I could help them all at once. But only God can do that. The evil in this world is unbelievable, and we need every single soul of light in this world to fight that evil. The devil wants to take away all of our joy in life. When you live for the truth, how hard it even can be, then you will always find joy in the smallest things. There are trillions of miracles just around your home. Name it………………… a raindrop, snowflake, an ant, a sparrow, the healing of a little wound, that you can hear, think, see, or still can see with only one eye, or that you can still walk through your home, instead of not being able to even stand on your legs anymore! So many miracles and things to be joyful about! A warm cup of tea, the warmth of the sun, the blessing of a smile from someone.

When you open your eyes there is so much beauty in this world! But life is also + and -. Peace always needs to be guarded. Forever. We have to fight for what is right, and what is true and good. Always! We have to reject lies and liars. At the moment we are challenged with shortage of necessary medication. That’s very stressful and scary. Some people’s lives rely on a certain medicin, you see. Life is about life and death. It’s hard, but it is what it is. But how to get through it is the whole deal. We better try to be as joyful as we can. So that’s why I always say ‘Enjoy today, tomorrow may never come’.

I lost my dad when I was 18 years old. I was with him when he died. He wanted us to stay in the light and keep on moving. He wanted us to party after his funeral. He wanted me to sing on his funeral. Now, that’s what I couldn’t do, so i’d recorded it up front and the song was played during the service. ‘They don’t play our lovesong anymore’ and ‘Memories’, which you can listen to here if you’d like. But anyway, he wanted me to succeed and have joy in my life. My mother, on the other hand, just wants to see me fail and always told me I would never succeed with anything. Ha! She brought me to even bigger heights. She taught me exactly how NOT to BE with her behavior. I feel for her a lot. In fact, I love her very much, but I can’t let her destroy my life! God wants me to shine! I’ve experienced a lot in life, been on television, radio, bla bla bla, glamour this and that, had very important jobs, and simple ones. I had my own business, survived so many ugly things on my own as well…. very difficult health challenges, betrayal of family, and so much more. My doctor asked me once if my husband and I were magician. He couldn’t believe how we’d survived it all not ending up in a mental health clinic. When I was a little girl I went to church every Sunday. My mother would laugh in my face and call me out for it when I left the house. She would hang out of the window and make jokes about Jesus. That’s what happens to conservatives these days. People who follow God and Jesus are the most attacked by evil. Well…. i’m intouchable, honey! I carry the magic sword of God! Hasta la vista baby! Joie de vivre! And when I can help you, my arms are wide open, even if they hurt like hell!

The best singers in the world sing the word of God!


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