Blue fairy girl card

Details of blue roses and fairy girl


I hope you are doing good today. Since it’s Monday, and often Mondays are blue I thought it was a great time to share my blue roses card. Not much to say about it, so I let the pictures speak for themselves again. Wishing you a great day and week! Stay safe!



Handmade foam embossed card with blue roses and vintage girl by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Butterfly and bling stones decorating the paper rosette with peacock cabochon
Details of blue glitter roses
Inside of handmade card with fashion florals and wordart
Front card details of vintage girl with blue paper roses
Who are you calling a fairy?
Fashion statement inside card with wordart
Details of wordart and bling stones
Handmade card details of paper rosette with peacock cabochon and blue roses
Details of USA postal stamp in blue and  a rose on handmade card
Details of pearl drops on handmade card

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