Berry Christmas

Handmade Christmas card with bird and flowers
Handmade 3d Christmas card with woodpecker and berries

This Christmas will be ‘Orange’. Orange, the color of fire, sun, brightness, fruits and berries. I must have been into ‘time traveling’ at the time I created this card in 2010 because the heart of the 3d Helleborus flowers looks like a corona!

Also…… I planted a new berry plant in my front garden last year with the name ‘Pyracantha Victory’ which means ‘firethorn’. It’s giving its berries for the first time this season! And I added them to this card as well! How did I know this all would come together right now! Well, God knows, as he is always using my hands to guide me through my creations. He puts it all together, I swear!

I already know this Christmas the whole world will be a very different place. A lot of change we can believe in, that’s for sure! Also a lot of huge surprises. So I thought, let’s dive back to the future today and bring you some festive berries to brighten your day. Woody Woodpecker is ready for it! And also the Blackbirds are. They come into my garden every day now to pick the berries. Such a lovely scene!

3d Helleborus Christmas flowers
Woodpecker bird and berries details of a Christmas card
Stamped tag for Christmas
Pyracantha Victory


(Description from Wikipedia)

Pyracantha (from Greek pyr “fire” and akanthos “thorn”, hence firethorn) is a genus of large, thorny evergreen shrubs in the family Rosaceae, with common names firethorn or pyracantha. They are native to an area extending from Southwest Europe east to Southeast Asia.

The plants reach up to 4.5 m (15 ft) tall. Leaves are small and oval. The seven species have small white flowers which are 5-merous and many stamened. Fruit are either red, orange, or yellow berries.The flowers are produced during late spring and early summer; the berries develop from late summer, and mature in late autumn.

The fruit of Pyracantha are classified as pomes. The pulp is safe for human consumption, but it is insipid, and the seeds are mildly poisonous as they contain cyanogenic glycosides (as do apples, plums, cherries, and almonds).
Seeds that are chewed and crushed while raw will release cyanogenic glycosides, and can cause mild gastro-intestinal problems when eaten in large enough quantities.The fruit can be made into jelly.The fruits persist significantly into winter which makes them a valuable bird food.

Pyracanthas are valuable ornamental plants, grown in gardens for their decorative flowers and fruit, often very densely borne. The thorns are easily able to puncture human skin, and when successful, the piercing causes a slight inflammation and severe pain. Their dense thorny structure makes them particularly valued in situations where an impenetrable barrier is required. The aesthetic characteristics of pyracanthas, in conjunction with their home security qualities, make them an alternative to artificial fences and walls. They are also good shrubs for a wildlife garden, providing dense cover for roosting and nesting birds, summer flowers for bees and an abundance of berries as a food source.

Pyracantha berries can be dispersed into natural areas, allowing plants to invade natural communities. Species of Pyracantha are considered to be invasive in portions of the United States, including the states of California and Georgia. Orange firethorn (Pyracantha angustifolia) is considered to be a weed or potential (“sleeper”) weed in several states or territories of Australia, including Victoria, the ACT and New South Wales.As a consequence, importation and propagation are prohibited in some parts of Australia.

Orange green Christmas flowers
Berry wreath

We lived in the country for a couple of years and I was so fortunate to have a huge craftroom that was situated looking over the fields. I had a birdhouse in front of my window and so, had first row watch on many miraculous scenery! One day a woodpecker and a dove came on the birdhouse and the woodpecker even started knocking at my door, haha. So here are the pictures I took. They are not the best pictures as I was indoors, but not too bad I think. Click on any photo to enlarge!

Woodpecker bird and berries
Decorated domino on a Christmas card
3d Christmas flowers
Berry wreath

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