Oranges & Pinks

Details of handmade bead weaving bracelet with superduo, zoliduo, Khéops, Toho seed beads, czech crystals and duodrops beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of closure clasps on handmade duo beads bracelets

Good day to you!

I am on a roll with my beads again, though not with the beads in these pictures; but with healing beads created from gemstone! I bought myself moonstone beads, jade, aventurin, amazonite and tourmaline beads. Also labradorite earrings and stones. Somehow they were send on my path for healing. I am always very sensitive to energies going around, very very sensitive. I know when people around me are not feeling well, something is the matter, or are happy or even peaceful. I’m very tuned in into my surroundings. I’ve always felt an outsider though. But that’s ok. Like I write in my ‘bio’ on my about-page, I got used to it and I am as God wants me to be. And i’m proud of it! I’m also so proud to be my husband’s wife! I’m proud to wear his name, and have him protect me, and I protect him, just like God has brought us together and wants it to be. Before I really go off-topic, back to the pretty colours and beads, haha.

I mostly love to create with colourful beads like in these pictures, but a sidetrack with gemstone beads is also a lot of fun! I will share pictures of these gemstone beads soon too, but since these bracelets were still on the ‘to share’-shelve, these go first. As you know I love pink. Pink and purple are my most favorite colours, but to be honest, I like all colours, but if I hád to choose, ok then, pink it is, haha. A colour combination I love to use is ton-sur-ton, most of the time. However I am a very controversial person, seen from my own perspective, I really am not that fond of contrasting colour combinations. I mean, it can be extraordinary beautiful sometimes, in the case of, for instance, a combination of a dull colour like beige with a strong colour like bright red, or turquoise with red. Or brown with pastel yellow or pastel pink! Gorgeous! But most of the time, I love to go on a flow of pink to red, or orange. I prefer warmer colours mostly, and again, on the other side…… I also love blues and purples which are cooler colours. Anyway, these are ton sur ton combinations with pink, orange, gold and red. Sometimes a splash of lilac. I love to combine orange with pink, by the way! Also with roses, aaaaaahhhhhh heavenly beautiful!!! So I decided to share these handmade bead weaving bracelets with you today, threaded with some inspirational other art splashes of mine in pinks and oranges. Let the oranges fall in the pink skies, haha! (That has a deeper meaning, but I won’t go there either today). I also share some real music with you. You should listen to these two music video’s as soon, very soon, you will experience the power of our Creator in full swing! You will see! The King is coming!!! Then we will all be together with the Lord. Well…. the good people but that’s something God decides. I pray for President Trump and all good men and women who are fighting alongside him for our peace! Praise the Lord! Brace for impact!!! I keep saying it! Prepare for a heavy ride!

Love and blessings to you and stay in the light!

Details of golden flower clasp
Handmade bead woven bracelet with golden flower clasp
Super shiny zoliduo beads
Pink bling bling
Handmade pink bracelet with superduo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Superduo beads combined with Khéops and Zoliduo beads
Beautiful bead weaving by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade bead weaving bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden in pink and gold
Details of bracelet with superduo in a  variety of pinks and lilacs, combined with Zoliduo, Khéops, triangles, dropduo beads and seed beads.
Handmade bracelets by Ingeborg van Zuiden (using patterns from beadesire)
A great combination of colours is red orange and pink beads
Pink orange and red beads
Duo beads bling bling
Details of pink Zoliduo beads
Handmade bracelet with orange pearls, pink Zoliduo beads, orange czech crystals, red superduo and burgundy crescent beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of handmade bracelets with zoliduo and crescent beads
Zelfgemaakte armbanden in roze, rood en goud met Zoliduo, Superduo en Miyuki kralen door Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade bracelet in red orange gold and pink with zoliduo, superduo, bicone, pearls, duodrops and seed beads
Details of handmade bracelets with duo beads in pink gold and red by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Huge batch of handmade bead weaving bracelets by Dutch jewelry maker Ingeborg van Zuiden

Love is enough

Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough' by Ingeborg van Zuiden (Design by Janie Crow)

Hello there!

I have been into crochet a lot the past weeks as I was ‘hooked’ by a gorgeous Crochet-A-Long pattern by Janie Crow. The pattern is called ‘Love is enough’ and was derived from the original Fruitgarden CAL blanket. I loved this colour version so much, that I decided to give it a try. I’d never created a blanket like this before and was not sure if I would make it, especially because of the gorgeous but intricate rectangle side panels. But the description of the patterns were so good, that I managed quite easily to create it. And oh, it’s sooooooooooo gorgeous. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of it yet, but I will do so soon, but since I was taking pictures of a gorgeous bouquet I received from a dear friend from the USA, I thought to mix the pictures of the bouquet with some sneak peeks of this blanket. So…. more pictures to come soon, I promise, with more details too!

So….. just before Christmas the doorbell rang and there was a kind man with this gorgeous bouquet. My husband took it and asked if it was really meant for us, haha. But the deliverer assured it was for us. So, there it was, this gorgeous pink bouquet with Gerbera’s, Lisianthus, Dianthus and Chrysanthemum. With sweet Christmas wishes from my friend Leigh Ann. Soooooo beautiful! I got tears in my eyes and my mouth fell open, as this was the second time I received a gorgeous bouquet from the USA! Such does not happen every day, I can tell you, haha. On my birthday I was surprised as well. I was totally flabbergasted! So so sweet!!! Thank you again dear Leigh Ann! You really know me well!

The flowers match the crochet inspiration so I thought to pack this all into one blog post plus some Christmas memories. We kept Christmas quiet this year. I didn’t put up a tree. I hope these flowers find you well today!
Keep praying, and stay prepared for huge things to come!!!
The truth will set you free!

Blessings & Love

Ingeborg van Zuiden
Crochet Hollyhock flower by Ingeborg. I created this from a pattern from Janie Crow (Fruitgarden CAL blanket)
Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough' with ruffled flowers
Ruffled flower details crocheted with Stylecraft DK acrylic yarn
Coral pink crochet flower details
Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough'
Yellow crochet flower
Details of Handmade crochet blanket 'Love is enough'
Purple flower from Love is enough cal blanket

Rose wishes

Handmade vintage roses folio with notecards and booklet

As you probably noticed 😍 I love roses. No, better said, I adore them! Especially the pink ones.
So…. I incorporate roses a lot in my artsy splashes. I have to have roses in any shape or form, always. It’s ‘simply’ a majestic beauty, so strong and everlasting, so scentive, romantic and attractive.

I often see bumblebees sleeping inside my roses. Such an adorable sight that is! Their bodies are often sprinkled with pollen. They seem to have had a very full meal, all the time 😂. So so cute to see! Speaking about bumblebees. ABBA recently came out with a great new project called ‘Voyage’. On their new album is this great number ‘Bumblebee’. I’ll attach it here for you to listen. I love that song too! Simply Perfect! I always have to laugh out loud when Frida sings ‘fuzzy ball’ 😂🌺🌸🌺🐝

So….. I created this mixed media folder/folio in a vintage roses theme with French influences. It’s filled with a notetag and a little notebook, closed with pretty seam binding ribbon in sage green. I decorated it with lace and flowers, and of course lots of vintage looking labels and stamps. I love the outcome of it. It makes a great gift to send to a friend or loved one. I hope you like it too! Pray and stay in the light. Don’t fear. Believe and you’ll receive!

Blessings & Love

Best Wishes
handmade pocket folder or folio with ribbons and roses and notecards

It shall blossom abundantly,
and rejoice even with joy and singing:
the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it,
the excellency of Carmel and Sharon,
they shall see the glory of the LORD,
and the excellency of our God.

Isaiah 35

Best Wishes label with ribbon by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pretty vintage roses in pink
Details of lace flower with ribbons
Pocket notefolder with ribbons and roses

Rosa Kir Royal from my garden!

Click the photo to see the whole photo album of this pretty pink rose
which I share in my online portfolio ! There you can view even more pretty roses from my garden!

Inside pocket with label
Ribbons and roses
Inside folder with Fleur-de-Lis
Inside of handmade folio with pockets, notecards and book
Pocket details with labels and stamps
Golden French lily and roses
Inside pocket of roses folder by Ingeborg
Handmade vintage style tag with glitter border
Inside pocket with handmade glitter notecard tag decorated with vintage style labels and paper flowers
Inside notebook in French vintage floral style with seam binding ribbon and lace
Details of roses and ribbons
Roses folio with handmade notebook and tags by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Inside pocket of roses notebook folder
Details of ribbons and closure of notebook folder
Inside front of roses notebook in French vintage style
Inside of roses notebook
Details of front and backside of roses folio folder
Details of inside of roses folio
blue green beadweaving bracelet with tiles and seed beads

Still blues

Handmade blue green bead weaving bracelets with paisley and tile beads
Click on the image to read more

Handmade Marie-Antoinette style tag with beads and jewelry

Lovely Blues

Handmade paper tag with Marie-AntoinetteClick the image to read more

The Three Angels

The Three Angel tags with flowers and important messagesClick the image to read more

Beat it bead it

Handmade pink purple bracelets with duo beads and crystals
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