Orange art card

Handmade ATC ACEO card with vintage lady

Hi there

Just a short post with an artist trading card I created.
I’m still lost for words. Calm before the storm. Patiently waiting for God to come.
We are so close! I keep saying it.
I walk by faith in this ‘hot orange summer’ time.
I try to enjoy life as much as I still can with my sweetheart, the flowers and the birds.
I so much Admire God’s creation, feel blessed with what we have.
I am so thankful for everything coming into my life.
Every day there are so many miracles I witness!
The Lord is GREAT!


Handmade ATC ACEO card with vintage lady

Oriental bracelets

Bead details on bracelets

Hello there

I’m sharing these oriental coloured bracelets with you.
I used gemduo, superduo, dropduo, 2-hole cabochons, pearls, bicones, Czech crystals, Toho and Miyuki seed beads for these ones. So much more on my ‘to share’-list. The list is almost endless. I have so much inspiration and can’t stop creating. It is my passion, and i’m living it.
Only question that’s left is: “what’s the purpose of all my creations”?
Maybe one day that question will be answered. I will keep on creating.

Pray for peace please!
Enjoy today, tomorrow may never come!

Details of bracelet closures
Beadweaving details of bracelets
Details of bling bling bracelets
Handmade bead woven gemduo bracelet with toho seed beads
Details of orange lime green bracelet with duo beads
Handmade bead weaving bracelets in Oriental colours by Ingeborg van Zuiden
handmade duo bracelet by Ingeborg
Details of peach brown green handmade bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Bronze rose toggle clasp on handmade bracelet with peach flowers and 2-hole cabochon beads
Brown peach green duo beads bracelet with pearls and dropduo beads
Handmade superduo and pearl beaded bracelets
Details of 3 handmade bead weaving bracelets with duo beads and pearls
Gold toned sunflower toggle clasp details
Details of 2-hole cabochon rose beads
Handmade bead weaving bracelet with yellow ab crystal czech beads and 2-hole cabochon beads
Details of handmade bracelet with 2-hole cabochon rose beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of handmade beaded bracelets with duo beads and czech crystals
Set of 3 handmade bead weaving bracelet in orange green and bronze colours by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of handmade bead woven bracelets in Oriental style with gemduo, 2-hole cabochons and pearls
Details of beaded and toggle clasps on oriental coloured beadweaving bracelet
Details of handmade vintage Christmas style notecard hanger

Christmas in July

Handmade vintage style Christmas notecard hanger with victorian angel and tags
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Heartfelt Creations peony flower on angels card by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Kissing angels

Handmade vintage style floral card with kissing angels
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Paarse Hortensia

Garden impressions

Garden impressions in the beginning of June 2021
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Handmade green gold beadweaving earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Green bling

Handmade green gold earrings and ring with Superduo beads
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Mauve Bergenia flowers


Plant Portrait: Bergenia Cordifolia
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Gedicht voor papa (Dutch Poem 'Papa')


Gedicht voor mijn vader

Green gold star pendant with superduo beads

Glorious golds

Handmade Star pendant with gold and green superduo beads
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Details of pink floral card with lady

Pink lady

Handmade card with vintage lady and pink crochet flowers
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Green handmade inspirational mixed media hearts

A real green deal

Handmade inspirational hearts with beaded dangles
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He is risen!

With Love everything is possible! He is risen!
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Bijbels gedicht

Bijbels gedicht van J.W. van Zuiden – Polifka
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Please prepare!

Please read all of this post! Very important!!!
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With love

Calm before the storm
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Details of handmade pink spring hanger with paper flower

Hang in there

Handmade pink spring angel notecard hanger with paper flower
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Buttons and beads in turquoise

Angel eyes

Handmade mirror case with mirror and angel
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Enjoy today!

Handmade card with flower fairy
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Purple magenta superduo/gemduo bracelets

Duo gems

Bracelets with duo beads
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Details of wordart every moment

Unite in love

With love, all things are possible!
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Turquoise blue beaded bracelets

More blues

Turquoise blue bead weaving bracelets
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Enjoy the show! It’s going to be wild!
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Handmade blue green beadweaving earring with paisley beads


Victory is coming
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