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I am Ingeborg van Zuiden, from the Netherlands, also known as ‘Holland’. It’s a small but beautiful green and strong country in Europe, with its borders to Germany in the East, and to Belgium in the South. Though I am 100% Dutch, and Dutch is my native language, I prefer to express myself in English. I am happily married to my dear sweet husband and soulmate, Jan. He is the love of my life! I love him very dearly. We are with each other for over 30 years. He is very intelligent, funny and we are always together. Two peanuts in a pot. I know I know… it’s peas in a pot but we are peanuts 🤣
I love humor, as you probably already noticed. I am very passionate about creating (mixed media) art and other pretty things to enhance my quality of life, especially with using flowers as thankful topic. I need to create, create create with using flowers, always!

Ingeborg van Zuiden My fairy beautiful world

Being creative is therapy for me. Since my mid twenties I am struggling with some very difficult health issues and I know for sure that when I wouldn’t have had the possibility to create during these years I would not be here anymore. Due to those issues it’s hard for me to move, i’m 85% blind to one eye and always in pain. Thank God who lifts me up to my ‘fairy beautiful world’ anytime I want to! In times when ‘it’ was or is really hitting me hard i’ve created or am creating my most beautiful pieces. I learned to hold on, and never give up and try to start all over again each day and follow my heart and intuition. I hope someday i will be healed. God works in mysterious ways, so i’ve experienced. He always leads me to another level! In my darkest moments he never disappointed me. He was always there and rescued me, and He will always be there.

Ingeborg van Zuiden dove

I am a very enthusiastic, passionate, honest, loving, hypersensitive person. Also a strong Katinka (pronounce with Russian tongue 😁 ) always in need and search for the sunshine in life. I need space, nature, colour and honest happy people around me. I am also a ‘gifted’ person which is really a very difficult but foremost rich and interesting challenge to live with. Most of the time people think i’m ‘something else’, but I don’t care. I used to, but after being so insecure for so many years one has to learn at some point to let go and follow their own path. It’s difficult to communicate on different levels. Often i’m misunderstood or maybe I misunderstand others. Our God wants me to be the way I am and I honor him for wanting me to be me! I ‘just’ try to make something good of my life no matter what challenges. I try to live by a simple bible verse which is 1. Korinthians 13 which is about LOVE ❤ The language of love is universal! 🕊

Ingeborg van Zuiden flower fairies

I am also a bird lover. I inherited that from my father and my grandmother (his mother). My father had pigeons and so I was raised around the birds. 🕊 Pigeons always crossed my path in life on special moments. Especially in very challenging times even white pigeons showed up! 🕊 I was born in a beautiful old forest on an estate called ‘HemelseBerg’ (freely translated into ‘Heavenly Mountain’) in Oosterbeek in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. In my heart and soul I truly feel I am a flower fairy, always living in my own dreamy ‘fairy beautiful world’, as that’s the name I like to use for my virtual nest on the internet!

I love to sing, and I have been a professional singer for years in my younger days. I was on TV and radio in the eighties. I love iridescence, sparkles, birds, fairies and flowers. I love to make people happy where I can. I hate dishonesty and people who are mean, the devil, witchcraft, cult and the dark side of life, however I do realize the light can’t do without the dark. There are always two sides; i’m on the light one and will refuse the dark one, always. I stand for justice, honesty, loving, caring and purity and am interested in many things. I have many hobbies. My attention goes to a variety of things, fields and subjects like philosophy, psychology, inventions, graphic design, interior design, gardening, floral arranging 🌷🌼🌸 cross-stitching, silk ribbon embroidery 🧵 crazy quilting, paper art, singing 🎤 photography 📸 playing chess ♟ painting, knitting, crochet, fashion, make-up 💄 jewelry making 💍 oh and so much more it goes! I am never bored, that’s for sure and happy with either little and big things. I care for the pure and good intention behind it all!

So……. there you have a little insight in who I am but there is of course so much more alive in me haha! As you can read I love to talk as well 😆


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