December 1, 2019

Christmas decor

Details of shabby chic Christmas tree

Good morning on this beautiful Sunday!

I thought to share some Christmas interior inspiration today.
This is the Christmas tree as I decorated it in 2016. I decorated the tree in green, creme and gold. We got snow too that year! It was a beautiful year for the Christmas tree and all the magical environmental things that are needed for the perfect atmosphere. But it’s of course not about that. It’s about being together, sharing the love and foremost celebrating the birth of sweet Jesus! May this upcoming month be a magical one for you!

The Christmas tree in shabby chic creme, green and gold
Fairy flowers and simple Christmas cone in the window seal
Think Mirror!
I love angels!
Pretty fairy lights in the evening
Cozy corner in the Christmas living room
Christmas tree decorations in shabby chic style
Shabby chic Christmas tree
Roses and bling
Christmas tree with angels and flowers
Hopefully we will get snow this Christmas. Always good for the right sphere!
Fairy Flower