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Welcome to my fairy beautiful world!

  • Pink peony flower
  • Silk ribbon embroidery by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Handmade pink shiny memory wire bracelet
  • Flower Fairy card with Heartfelt Creations Wild Asters
  • Marie-Antoinette
  • Floral details on handmade card with bottlecap
  • Handmade vintage style Poinsettia Christmas card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Handmade pink paper flower by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Handmade pink peach earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Crochet rose and ribbon flowers by Ingeborg
  • Details of notecard for tea invitation
  • Handmade pink earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Handmade burgundy red and gold wire bracelet
  • Pink victorian lady crazy quilt by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Peony flower card
  • Details of handmade Marie-Antoinette card
  • Pink crochet rose
  • handmade pink ribbon roses by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Details of Marie pink card
  • Beading by Ingeborg van Zuiden
  • Details of vintage angel on roses card

I love to create beautiful things and show you my love for flowers and all that comes with flowers, like fairies, birds, colours and all majestic things God creates.

To stay fully updated about my most recent art and other interesting talks and inspiration I suggest you to visit my Blog regularly!

If you like to get to know me better then you can read all about me on my About-page.

My passion is to create beauty through handmade mixed media art, jewelry and needleworks and i’m very passionate about living in truth.

You will find a lot of free floral inspiration here in all kinds of shapes and forms. I love to spread the light of God, shine bright and give you inspiration.

Ingeborg van Zuiden Portfolio

You can find hours of inspiration in my portfolio/photo gallery,
where I share most of my work in photo albums sorted on topic.

Now and then I like to write a poem, either in Dutch or English. Visit my Poetry page if you like to read some!

I love to give, by the way! The best things in life are free, isn’t it? I was born to give!

Currently I have 3 separate pages where you can download freebies like wallpapers, collage sheets and quotes

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I hope you will enjoy your walk through my flower garden today!

Blessings & Love


Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!